Fisher Paykel Zest:Zest_Fisher_Paykel_Picture_CPAP_Mask

We are a little perplexed here with the Fisher Paykel Zest. People either love it, or hate it. We’ll try to let you decide.

First what we all agree on. The Zest has great headgear that is wide, stretchable, and spongy. This style distributes the pressure of headgear very well when the mask is tight. Another nice thing about the headgear is that you can remove it to wash the mask without having to undo any velcro. Undoing velcro makes you have the refit the mask and eventually degrades the velcro. That is not a problem with the Zest. You should get a long life out of the headgear.

There is no adjustment to change the amount of pressure on the bridge of the nose. Tightening the top causes the two postage stamp sided “cushions” to push harder where they reside above the eyebrows.

Here is we start to get some disagreement. Some feel that this mask is fine when tightened. Others feel that when tightened, the headgear attachments on the bottom stretch on both sides and no longer hold the headgear making the mask useless unless you replace the bottom headgear holders. (easy to do, but you still have to wait for the part)

The mask does seem to hold up well over time and frequent washing, with the exception of the inner “variable thickness silicon”, which degrades in a matter of 3-4 months. The outer membrane is very comfortable when it is on your face and the silicone feels soft. It is very thin, and so there were some instances of tearing.

Our stance: Not bad. You may want to give it a try if you’ve exhausted some of the other nasal masks. We don’t recommend it as a first choice though, but some users do love it!  Fisher Paykel has a new mask out that is extremely popular and well made.  It’s called the Fisher Paykel Eson.

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