ResMed Mirage Vista:

ResMed Vista

ResMed Vista

The ResMed Mirage Vista, or just Vista, is a very interesting mask with several unique features.

What is unique about it? There is no piece resting on the forehead making like a hybrid nasal pillow mask. This is great for people with high anxiety and claustrophobia when using PAP therapy. To adjust the angle of the mask so it fits your face properly it has tabs on each side of the headgear that lock it into its proper place.

The headgear appears to be large and uncomfortable, but it is very comfortable and well padded. It is easy to put on and take off with very large clips and rough edges that make them easy to find in the dark.

There is a piece of the headgear that crosses on the top of the head, we noticed that it is very important for this to be on the top of the head for proper fit, otherwise the mask seems to sag. The way the headgear attaches on the side makes it very difficult to take off while you’re
asleep. It also greatly minimizes leaking from movement during sleep.

There are only two sizes with tons of overlap. The silicone for the cushion is high quality, durable, and holds up very well over time. It is very easy to remove and put back in since it is only one piece.

The exhalation port is quiet and can be rotated to “shoot” anywhere. This part of the mask can be easily removed so you don’t have to take off the whole mask for night time restroom runs. Oxygen can be added on ports on the bottom of the mask.

The headgear seems to fray somewhat if washed frequently, our only critique.

Our stance: Might want to try this first. Best overall mask in our opinion. Great for side sleepers and people with anxiety and claustrophobic feelings while using CPAP.  This was once our all time favorite mask.

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