True Blue

Respironics True Blue:

The thing isn’t pretty, but it absolutely gets the job done.TrueBlueSide

Here are the bad points. The True Blue is big. It’s also fairly heavy. It sticks out just about as far as any mask has ever stuck out away from the face. The Blue Gel that Respironics like to use for (seemingly) all their masks degrades over time and discolors. It also looks like an accordion.

Here are the positives. The headgear is highly adjustable and high quality. The connections at the bottom of the mask for the headgear are easy to take off and put on. The True Blue is also very quiet.

Easily the best thing about the True Blue is that it flat out doesn’t leak. If you put it on and pull the tubing….and pull it hard….it won’t leak. See the video below. If you can’t get your mask to seal, then you need to try a True Blue.

Again….True Blue is truly ugly, but it gets the job done.

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