Swift FX

ResMed Swift FX for Men and Women:

ResMed Swift FX

ResMed Swift FX

The ResMed Swift FX is one of the most minimalistic CPAP interface designs we have ever seen. If you are looking for a mask that you hardly know you have on visually, look no further.

The headgear on the Swift FX is mostly silicone. It is a durable and high quality silicone though. It’s easy to get on and off like all other nasal pillow masks. The straps are narrow, but thick and not spongy at all, so if you lay on your side, there is a high likelihood you will have deep marks imprinted on your cheeks in the morning.

The headgear is extremely easy to take off and clean. Adjusting this mask is probably the easiest of all nasal pillow masks. There is just one main adjustment that is very easy to figure out. Just pull the thingy through the doo-hicky and there you go.

The exhalation port is very quiet.

All sizes are included with this mask, so no need to guess what your size is. The nasal pillows are a little too round for our taste. One more nice feature is the tubing extension that comes out of the nasal pillows is extremely light and flexible. There are male and female versions of this
mask available, but we can’t tell the difference. The sizes and angles are all the same with regards to the pillows. The only difference is the color of straps and cheek protector slips that come with the mask.

Our stance: Great choice for a nasal pillow mask especially if you want to feel like you’re not wearing a mask at all.

Overall we don’t like nasal pillow masks because they seem have quite a few problems that go along with them. Easy to take off while asleep and tendency to get nose bleeds seem to be common problems with nasal pillow CPAP masks.

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