SleepyHead Free Software

If you’re already on CPAP, you probably are pretty curious about how you are doing with your therapy.  Is is working?  Am I sleeping?  Is all this even worth it?  Is there anything that I can do to Screenshot (45)make my sleep better with CPAP?

The answer to most of these questions can be found within a free program called SleepyHead which was created by a CPAP user who wanted a way to look at his own CPAP machine data.

SleepyHead is one of the coolest free software programs available.  It is incredibly user friendly and gives you a ton of data.  It’s difficult to put it all into words what it can do, so please check out the videos below that show you most of what you need to know to get started and understand what you’re looking at.

If you still haven’t received a CPAP, APAP, or Bilevel machine yet, you may want to check out the SleepyHead Page at to see what machines are compatible with this program.  You can also download this program there for free!

Check out the videos below to get started.  Using the SleepyHead Free Software program can make the difference between successful CPAP therapy and continued daytime sleepiness.

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