Quattro FX

ResMed Quattro FX:tn_Quattro_FX_ResMed_Full_Face_CPAP_Mask_Picture

The folks at ResMed made turned the previous version Quattro into a   useless paperweight with the new Quattro FX. The Quattro FX
improves on the entire Full Face Mask design in that it successfully gets rid of the need for any part of the mask to touch your forehead.
The Respironics Full Life does this as well….but not successfully.

Most Full Face Masks have the piece on your forehead to allow for an
adjustment that adds or removes pressure to the bridge of your nose. The newly designed headgear for the Quattro FX allows you to control this by simply tightening the upper velcro strap.

Lower clips allow you to keep the headgear sized the same night after night as well as allow for easy removal of the mask. It is also just as easy to put on once sized properly.

The exhalation ports on this mask are very quiet and located on the front of the mask. There are two ports on the bottom so that oxygen can be added if needed.

We had no problems with it, but people with poor dexterity may have problems if they want to remove the headgear when they clean the mask. You would have to removed the headgear frame. The two bottom attachments are very easy to remove. The upper two are a little
trickier, but with practice fairly easy too. This is a very lightweight, yet sturdy mask.

The high quality and long lasting silicone used on all ResMed masks is used for this cushion as well. (in our opinion it’s the industry leader) There are no clips to hold the cushion in either. The cushion is held in by by simply sliding it into its groove.

Problems. The upper arms that hold the head gear do come very close to the eyes which can be annoying. If you need to tighten the straps near the eyes, then you risk causing the mask to ride up your face. Also having to put the mask on by placing it on the bridge of your nose and “swinging” it down over your mouth every time you put it back on or adjust it can become a burden when you just want to get some sleep.

Our stance: Stick with the ResMed Quattro unless you consider yourself an “advanced” user of CPAP. Also good if having a full face mask without a forehead spacer is important to you.

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