ResMed Quattro:

ResMed Quattro

ResMed Quattro

The ResMed Quattro has been the “go to” full face mask for quite some time. It is easily the most popular Full Face Mask for good reason. The cushion uses ResMed’s high quality and durable silicone that seals very well and holds up great over time.

The exhalation ports are quiet and oxygen can be added in two lower slots in needed.

The way that the headgear is allowed to attach is one of the most well thought out parts of this mask design that many people probably don’t notice. The lower attachments use a clip that is easy to put in and take off in a hurry. You just pinch the upper and lower parts of the clips and off it comes. What is really special is that the upper attachments have no clips, but you don’t need to remove the velcro at all if you want to remove the headgear for cleaning. There is an angled slot that you can slide the headgear in an out of to put it on and take it off. It is very thin, so even if you tighten it down it won’t come out.

This brings up another part of the mask. There is a “MicroFit” dial on the front that you simply twist to adjust the amount of pressure on the bridge of your nose. You can really make fine adjustments which other mask designs don’t offer.

The part of the mask that touches the forehead is shaped very well to the forehead so it doesn’t really need to offer any cushioning. It’s quite comfortable.

Our Stance: Great proven mask by a great mask manufacturer. Get this unless you want to try the newer ResMed Quattro FX because you want a smaller and lighter Full Face Mask with nothing on your forehead.

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