Fisher Paykel Pilairo:

The Fisher Paykel Pilairo is a very unique nasal pillow mask.

Fisher Paykel Pilairo

Fisher Paykel Pilairo

In the past, I haven’t been all that impressed with the Fisher Paykel masks, but all that is changing. The Pilairo is an excellent choice for someone that wants a simple nasal pillow mask.

I say it’s simple because it is a one size fits all design. Typically when I hear one size fits all I think “yeah, right”. The Pilairo’s design makes it work though. You insert the pillows into your nose and hold it into position while turning the PAP machine on. Once it turns on, the bladder around the nasal pillows inflates and encompasses the nose basically holding it in place.
The diffuser (where expired air is removed) is very quiet and the “shoot” where it annoys you the least. The hose where the short tubing attaches using a ball and socket connection so that your head movements are much less likely to dislodge the nasal pillows from your nose.

The head gear of the Pilairo is the most minimal and effective design I have yet to see. It is just one simple strap that gently pulls the mask into your nose encouraging it to stay in place. It gets away with this one strap design because of the bladder that inflates around the nose. The one strap is elastic and is covered with a very soft material. This is extra thick in the back where it makes contact with the back of the head.

If I were to look for something about the Piliaro to complain about it would be that you have to turn the PAP machine on and off to put it back on so that the bladder will reinflate. This is a very small complaint since it is extremely comfortable and doesn’t dislodge easily with it’s unique and brilliant design. I would recommend the Fisher Paykel Piliaro as a first choice in the Nasal Pillows category. I wear the Pilairo at home when I’m in the mood for a very low profile mask. It has become the “go to” nasal pillow mask at my sleep lab because of it’s easy fit design and low profile. Patients love it, especially patients that are anxious about PAP therapy.  Videos of two different versions are below.

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