Opus 360

Fisher Paykel Opus 360:

Fisher Paykel Opus 360

Fisher Paykel Opus 360

The Fisher Paykel Opus 360 CPAP mask is a well thought out nasal pillow interface.

The headgear is well designed. The straps are wide and very spongy so that when you tighten this, you shouldn’t have deep marks imprinted on your skin in the morning. The headgear is also easily adjustable. For cleaning, the headgear can be easily removed without have to readjust the straps by unattaching the velcro straps.

There is a flexible plastic piece that the headgear attaches to. The part of the plastic piece that touches your cheeks has a millimeter of soft foam rubber that is quite comfortable. Men with facial hair or stubble should note that it will tear this foam rubber up if you move around while you sleep. This is one of the few things we found wrong with this mask.

There is a loop on the top of the headgear where the tubing goes, so it keeps it out of your way while sleeping. Probably the best feature is that the tubing attaches to the nasal pillows by using a moveable ball and socket set-up. Usually movement of the tubing causes the pillows to be dislodged from the nose (nares). No so with the Opus. This is very unique to a nasal pillow mask.

The exhalation port is fairly quiet.

All sizes are included with this mask, so no need to guess what your size is. One more great thing about this mask is that the nasal pillows aren’t round, they are actually shaped oblong like a nostril.

Our stance: Great choice for a nasal pillow mask. May want to try this one first.

Overall we don’t like nasal pillow masks because they seem have quite a few problems that go along with them. Easy to take off while asleep and tendency to get nose bleeds seem to be common problems with nasal pillow CPAP masks.

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