Nasal Aire 2

Innomed Nasal Aire 2:Nasal_Aire_2_Innomed_Picture

The Innomed Nasal Aire 2 is truly one of a kind. There are many patients who want a Nasal Pillow Mask that “looks like an oxygen cannula.”

That is exactly what the Nasal Aire 2 looks like…an oversized nasal cannula. There is some headgear that comes with the Nasal Aire 2, but we would recommend just having it go over the ears and strapping the tubes together behind your head.

This is probably the most minimal nasal pillow design available. This isn’t a true nasal pillow because there is no give or cushioning like the other nasal pillow designs. This is more of a nasal insert because you actually stick them into and up your nose. This makes it the most uncomfortable and you will probably find yourself prone to nosebleeds with this design. A water based lubricant like KY jelly is highly recommended prior to each use.

The exhalation port on this is the main problem. There are two and they shoot out like twin jets of air. They are also too large. We would not recommend using the Nasal Aire 2 if you are on pressures of 12cmH20 and above because the CPAP machine doesn’t seem to be able to keep up this this significant leak rate.

Our stance: Maybe only use this if you are incredibly prone to claustrophobia after exhausting all other masks. It doesn’t seem to be worth the nasal discomfort that you are likely to experience.

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