Mirage FX

ResMed Mirage FX:

ResMed Mirage FX

ResMed Mirage FX

The ResMed Mirage FX makes use of some unique design features that are refreshing to the world of CPAP masks.

First off, there is no forehead cushion per se. Instead there is a butterfly-like part that holds the top headgear attachments. When you pull it tight it pulls out and not in to your forehead leaving you with a potential spot for a pressure sore. This design is genius in our opinion.

We typically find that mask with any parts in front of the patients eyes can bring about feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety. This is not the case with the ResMed Mirage FX. The spine that holds the top headgear attachments is very very thin making it invisible when it is on. We worried about it breaking, but is seems to be quite durable.

The exhalation port on the Mirage FX is also unique. It surrounds the tube for pressure intake and diffuses the expired air quietly and without giving bed partners the blown hair look.

This mask is light. This is one of the few nasal masks that we would recommend for patients who have anxiety and claustrophobia with CPAP masks. The headgear

Like all ResMed masks, the silicone is top notch and durable. This actually looks and feels thinner than many of their other mask cushions. After one month of approximately twenty-five wears (in the sleep lab) and washes (in the pasteurizer), it is holding up very well with little signs of wear.

Last point that makes the Mirage FX stand out. It has headgear designed for a round head. Duh…right? This cradles the head and makes it much more difficult to slide up and off during sleep.

Our stance: This is definitely a mask worth looking at for the long term. We loved it and our patients love it.

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