ResMed Mirage Liberty:

ResMed Liberty

ResMed Liberty

The Mirage Liberty (just Liberty from now on) can be a very effective mask for home use.

The Liberty is really considered a niche mask that is for people whorequire a full face mask, but can’t use a full face mask because of a fewproblems. Both of these problems stem from the same reason…some people have a difficult time getting a proper seal around the bridge of their nose. Usually the mask will be overtightened causing the skin on the bridge of the nose to break down. This is painful and causes a risk of infection to the area. This and the patient walks around with a bleeding oozing sore on their nose.

The Liberty is the answer to these problems. It does a great job, but has some limitations. Some problems that you may face with the Liberty hybrid mask. Since it is part nasal pillow mask, you may have some problems with chapping on the inside of your nose. There may also be an increased chance of nose bleeds. A water based lubricant applied to the inside of the nose and heated humidification can help mitigate these problems.

Another possible problem is that you are somewhat limited to sleeping on your back. This mask performs poorly when sleeping on your side. While sleeping on your back, some patients will have their jaw fall back (what causes OSA in most people). The Positive Pressure of the CPAP should keep it up, but in some people it still falls back. When this happens patients will find that the cushion around the mouth loses its seal.

What’s great about this mask? It comes with all the nasal pillow sizes. If you have nostrils that are different sizes, this mask allows you to have different sized pillows for each nostril. Even Nasal Pillow masks don’t allow for this. The nasal pillows are very comfortable and easy to change.

The mask uses very quality parts. The silicone from ResMed is always top notch. It is durable and has a slight tackiness that assists in maintaining a great seal.

The head gear is very easy to size. It is intuitive, comfortable, and also durable. ResMed just about always puts out a great product.

This is a great mask if you need a full face mask. You may prefer it over a Full Face Mask right away if you have a long nose with a deep bridge. Even if you prefer a traditional full face mask, this is a great option to give the bridge of your nose a rest to prevent break down of your skin.

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