RespCare/Devilbiss Hybrid:

To me, the Hybrid is a cheap knock off of the ResMed Mirage Liberty.

Devilbiss Hybrid

Devilbiss Hybrid

Two things are better about it than the Liberty. The first is that the nasal pillows can be adjusted for height. The second is that it is much lighter. That’s it though.

The cushion material of the Hybrid feels about the same as the Liberty. The headgear is super cheap feeling. The attachments are a strange clip that allows for face gouging.

The diffuser is awful, unless your bed partner feels like wind surfing. It doesn’t diffuse at all and is more like six inline jets. We’d avoid this mask completely. Check out the video below for some more detailed information.

Don’t hesitate to contact me on my forum if you have any questions. (link at the bottom of this page)


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