Home Sleep Tests

Home Sleep Tests (or Home Sleep Studies) are proliferating as insurance companies look to decrease the cost of diagnosing sleep apnea.  I personally think that this is smart to do for a majority of the population who, other than having sleep apnea, are healthy.

The major problem with home sleep testing is that it is performed poorly!  Many people don’t know this, but there are three levels of Home Sleep Tests (HSTs).

Type 4 HST has airflow from a cannula for breathing, blood oxygen levels, and a belt to get breathing effort.

Type 3 HST has airflow from a cannula for breathing, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), a belt to get breathing effort, and one other channel.  Usually this is body position.

Type 2 HST has all of the above, plus EEG (brain waves) so that you can accurately see sleep.  Other channels include EMG (movement) and EKG.  Type 2 HSTs are near and dear to me because I have a company that provides Type 2 HSTs with every channel that an in lab study would have.

Having an HST isn’t a problem if it is a Type 2 test.  With a type 2 HST you will have accurate sleep times, sleep stages, and decrease false positives and false negatives.  You are also going to be tested in your own home, in your own bed, with your own climate control.  Everyone sleeps better when they’re tested where they normally sleep.

For more information on the differences between Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4 Home Sleep Tests please visit AXG SLEEP DIAGNOSTICS LLC.  You can also have one of our tests performed on you for a fraction of the cost of an in lab sleep study.

The video series below show the differences between these different home sleep tests side by side.  Interesting comparison.

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