Respironics GoLife:

Respironics GoLife

Respironics GoLife

The Respironics GoLife is an interesting design and we appreciate what the folks at Respironics attempted to accomplish with its design.

First the headgear. The design is such that they try to minimize contact with the cheeks by having a large, thin, oblong shaped plastic piece that holds the actual straps. It does minimize contact with the cheeks, but misses in that it still creates deep marks on the cheeks when waking up if you were laying on your side. There is a material on the part that comes in contact with the cheeks, but we found it to be pretty rough.

The mask is billed by it manufacturer as being “self adjusting and optimally angled”. We feel that it needs to have some sort of adjustment because it wasn’t quite optimally angled for everyone.

All sizes of nasal pillows come with each mask and they are very easy to change. The mask is easily adjustable and we found the velcro actually being part of the ‘non-moveable’ headgear piece (we have no better way to describe it…sorry) a great change from the norm.

The exhalation port is quiet.

The tubing that is attached to this mask is really pretty low quality. It’s not that flexible and is easily crushed.

Our stance: Good nasal pillow choice. May want to try the AirFit N10 or even the Nuance Pro prior to trying this mask.

Overall we don’t like nasal pillow masks because they seem have quite a few problems that go along with them. Easy to take off while asleep and tendency to get nose bleeds seem to be common problems with nasal pillow CPAP masks.

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