Respironics FullLife:

Respironics Full Life

Respironics Full Life

We still remember the day when the Respironics FullLife was shown to us. A Full Face Mask with nothing resting on the forehead. Brilliant!  Unfortunately there are some major problems with this mask.

The Respironics FullLife sticks out from your face pretty far making it very visible while wearing it. It is still better than having something resting on your forehead. This really isn’t a problem.

First the positive attributes. It’s a full face mask with nothing resting on your forehead. For deep cleaning, the cushion and the mask skeleton that holds the cushion come apart easily. Okay…that’s it.

So what are the design problems? Once the mask is apart for cleaning it’s difficult getting it put back together despite it only being two pieces. There are also three seperate pieces of headgear that are very confusing. One cradles the crown of the head. One goes under the
chin. The last goes around the neck. None of these has a clip or quick release mechanism, so you will have to deal with velcro every time you take off or put on the mask. This velcro breaks down easily too. The lack of clips or a “ball in socket” attachment for the headgear masks
this mask practically unusable for home use.

The silicone used on this is the same used on all other Respironics masks. With this mask, the silicone cushion is extremely leaky. Getting a seal around the bridge of the nose is very difficult as well.

Our stance: Don t even try it. It s not worth the time. Thumbs down. Try the ResMed AirFit F10 instead.

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