Amara View

Philips Respironics Amara View:

The Amara View is a unique Full Face Mask that does two different things that most Full Face Masks don’t accomplish.  First, it avoids contact with the bridge of the nose.  Often times this can lead to soreness on the bridge of the nose and a great deal of discomfort along with it.  The other thing that the Amara View does is avoid having any part of the mask come in contact with the forehead.

The Amara View does a great job with avoiding the bridge of the nose.  Instead of the nose being inside of the cushion, it rests on top of the cushion in a “nose holder”.  What’s a nose holder?  Well….It’s something that holds the nose.  There is one large opening that seals on the base of the nose and does it quite well.

The headgear is great.  Highly adjustable, durable, and comfortable.  The Amara View also has a quick release hose making nighttime bathroom breaks easy.

Quite the love fest we have going on here….so what are the problems.  Similar to the original Amara mask, this is made of unyielding silicone.  The inner silicone wall of this mask is so hard, that it starts to cause a great deal of pain after the first night of use.  It’s great up by the nose and by the chin, but on the sides this thing is going to make you wonder what is trying to burrow into your cheeks.  When we find ourselves muttering “oh dear sweat Jesus please stop the pain,” as we remove the mask in the morning, it’s tough to recommend it to others.

Our stance:  This mask isn’t a complete loss.  Great for people who are claustrophobic or are having skin breakdown on the bridge of their nose.  You can use this for a night or two before your cheeks start to beg for mercy.  Work this in with other masks if needed.  Sadly, the Amara View is so close to being a winner, but instead it’s just another crappy full face mask from Respironics.

Hint to Respironics:  Rework the cushion and you have a winner.


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