Full Face CPAP Mask Reviews

Full Face CPAP Masks are quickly becoming the “go to” mask for new CPAP users. The reason is that they eliminate mouth-leaking as reason for awakenings. The problem is that they are more difficult to fit for the average person.

A mask fitting with an experienced RPSGT is recommended to ensure a proper fit. A problem with these masks is that because they cover both the nose and the mouth, the mask is touching more surface area of your face making it more difficult to fit everyone easily. Beards and stubble also become a problem because they increase mask leaking.

Overall these can be a great option for many CPAP users.


-Can breathe through your mouth
-Nasal Congestion doesn’t stop you from wearing CPAP.
-Perform well at higher pressures (14cmH20 and above)
-Many good options.


-More difficult to fit
-Can make some people feel claustrophobic


Look at the masks below.  If you see something you’re interested in you can view a page specific to the mask along with a video by clicking on the links below the image gallery.  See our Full Face CPAP Mask Reviews below.

Full Face CPAP Masks

AirFit F20  

Quattro Air                                        Simplus                                    Quattro                                 Anew                                Comfort Gel Full                                       Full Life

AirFit F10                                          Liberty                                      Forma                                    Oracle                                 Amara                                                     Hybrid

Quattro FX                                       Amara View

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