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Unread post  Post subject: Q's & Issues w/ shipping CPAP machines to Asia. Any advice?  |  Posted: Mon Feb 10, 2020 5:02 pm

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Dear Lanky Lefty and the forum members,

I saw some of your videos on YouTube that brought me here and to your affiliated CPAP store, called Thanks for your great informative videos. I've learned a lot from them. I joined this forum because I need some advice on a few issues. Here's my situation.

I am in Taiwan now and was diagnosed with sleep apnea several years ago. The CPAP machines here cost around 2000 dollars, which is a ripoff and more than double what they cost in the US. I don't know why. But I don't want to pay that much. When I was in Philippines, the prices were similar too. So I was gonna buy one from and have it shipped to me here. However the CPAP specialist I talked to here said that if I tried to do that, the Taiwanese customs may refuse the delivery and send it back, because there are customs restrictions on CPAP machines being imported here via mail. He said I'd have to go back to the US to get it or have someone bring it for me on their flight over here.

Is that true? Can you check with anyone you know who has tried to ship CPAP machines to Taiwan before? Or look up the customs regulations in regards to shipping CPAP machines to Taiwan? Have you ever shipped a CPAP machine to Taiwan before? If so, did it arrive ok without problem? I need to ask in advance to make sure before I order anything.

If I cannot get a CPAP machine shipped here internationally, then I'll have to wait til I go back to the US which could be several months. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should do? All the CPAP machines in Asia seem to be around 2,000 dollars or so. This is a travesty I think, because what if someone here is too poor to afford it? Then they would be putting their life at risk simply because of cost. Kind of stupid. Is sleep apnea supposed to be a "rich person's disease"? lol. It seems so, at least here in Asia.

What do you all recommend? Thanks for your attention and help.

PS - One more question. If I have someone watch me while I sleep and they say I no longer choke or gasp for air while I sleep, does that mean I no longer have sleep apnea? How loud does the snoring have to be for it to be considered sleep apnea? And does one have to be heard gasping for air and choking for them to have sleep apnea? Thanks.

Unread post  Post subject: Re: Q's & Issues w/ shipping CPAP machines to Asia. Any advi  |  Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2020 4:31 pm

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Can anyone answer my questions? Lanky Left, did you read my question?

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