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Unread post  Post subject: Airtouch f20 or Dreamwear full face  |  Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2018 7:07 am

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I need to get a full face mask I am thinking about trying the Dreamwear Full Face or the Airtouch F20 - Anyone tried either of these?

Unread post  Post subject: Re: Airtouch f20 or Dreamwear full face  |  Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:11 pm
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I have tried both. I had more leaks with the dreamwear unless I tightened it, then when I moved at night it would make a 'fart' noise waking me up because it was leaking. The f20 was ok, but it hurt the bridge of my nose. No major air leak, but I couldn't handle anything on my nose. If you are good with over the bridge of the nose I'd try the f20 first. The Amara view is decent also. I have yet to find a 'favorite' mask. Good luck!

Unread post  Post subject: Re: Airtouch f20 or Dreamwear full face  |  Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:28 pm
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Pros and cons with either choice.
The AirTouch foam cushion is nice unless you are like me and can't stand anything on the bridge of the nose area...but the foam cushion is likely going to need to be replaced more often than with the DreamWear FFM cushion because of the foam. So if you aren't using can get a bit more costly in the long term or even if you are using insurance but have a high deductible to meet before co pays are more manageable.
The foam will eventually fall apart and sooner if you get it you can't wash it like you can the other silicone cushions. Insurance will allow a new cushion each month...ResMed says replace in a month. My own DME uses this mask and says maybe 3 months is about as long as it will last before the foam starts to degrade so much it can affect the seal.
Since I don't like anything on my nose...I never actually slept with or used the AirTouch mask. I did put it on my face just to see what it felt like and while less annoying on my nose than the regular F20 silicone mask...still annoying enough that I didn't want to spend money and actually try to use it.

The DreamWear cushion...nothing on the nasal bridge area so that's good but for some people it can be a tricky mask to keep sealed. So maybe not quite as forgiving in the leak management department for some people. I did actually get this mask and slept with it. It took a couple of nights to get the fitting dialed in to keep leaks not waking me up but once I got it done I actually slept with it and slept quite well...and I have been a nasal pillow mask user for over 9 years. I could use it if I had to.
There's also the plus that the frame is interchangeable with the other DreamWear masks...the under the nose cushion and the nasal pillows.

I didn't have to tighten the DreamWear FFM overly much to get it to seal but my pressure needs aren't horribly high either.

So pros and cons with either. And as with all masks they come with a big YMMV sticker. Until you actually try something you won't have a chance to learn your own preferences and I learned I hate anything on my nasal bridge area so badly that I simply won't even try a mask that puts any pressure on the nasal bridge area.

Jason has a new video review of the DreamWear...have you seen it?

I don't know if he has done one with the AirTouch or not.

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