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Unread post  Post subject: BiPAP Auto vs BiPAP Auto SV  |  Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:04 pm

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In Canada the government will partially cover a BiPAP Auto, but offer no coverage for an BiPAP Auto SV.
What is the difference? I’m assuming the BiPAP Auto doesn’t provide the servo ventilation. I still don’t understand the difference. You went from CPAP directly to BiPAP Auto SV with no mention of a BiPAP Auto. Any help would be appreciated. The tech that did my test told me to ask for the Auto as the regular BiPAP was a failure. They told me not to tell the Doctor as they’d get in trouble. But they did not mention the SV at all. My understanding is it would be benificsl as I’m on opioids and a pain patch. Please help. Thanks.

Unread post  Post subject: Re: BiPAP Auto vs BiPAP Auto SV  |  Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:09 pm
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Bipap Auto just the bipap version of a auto machine.

It offers separate inhale/exhale pressures that slowly wander up and down during the night in response to apnea events.

the AutoSV is respironics version of the ASV, which watches your every breath, and *responds* to every breath when it senses you're starting to have a central apnea.

the Auto machine ignores central apneas, since it can't do anything for them.

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Unread post  Post subject: Re: BiPAP Auto vs BiPAP Auto SV  |  Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 5:25 pm

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Still confused looking at the dream stations
BiPAP = set by techs does not respond to events
BiPAP Auto = can run in manual mode set by techs or Auto mode responds to your needs
BiPAP Auto SV = ?
Sorry but I don’t understand a BiPAP version of an Auto machine, so BiPAP Auto isn’t Auto?

Unread post  Post subject: Re: BiPAP Auto vs BiPAP Auto SV  |  Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:00 pm
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Read this and see if it explains how ASV bilevel differs from regular bilevel ... 190318.pdf

Regular auto bilevel is nothing more than an apap that can go higher than 20 cm and has a more versatile pressure support system meaning it can offer more options for the difference between inhale and exhale (which is what pressure support is).
ASV adds in another auto adjusting feature that regular bilevel can't do and that's give you a rather quick burst of pressure to make you breathe if you have a central and don't breathe. It's fast and strong and the regular auto bilevel can't do it as fast or as high.

Auto bilevel can't breathe for you if you stop breathing...ASV can.
ASV can auto adjust as needed for both obstructive apnea AND central apnea.
Regular auto bilevel only auto adjust for obstructive apnea and ignores central apnea.

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