Fisher Paykel Forma:

Fisher Paykel Forma

Fisher Paykel Forma

The Fisher Paykel Forma Full Face Mask is, in our opinion, one of the coolest space age looking masks made. Unfortunately it has a combination of both great and terrible designs.

First the good attributes. The headgear is wide and more spongy that most other masks. This allows the Forma to distribute pressure from a tight mask much better. The sponginess makes is more comfortable as well. The headgear attaches really well for the top two attachments. There are no clips on top, but you can still put it on and remove the headgear without removing the velcro and having to refit the mask when you put it back on after washing.

Like all other full face masks, the Forma is pretty quiet unless there is leaking. The Forma is sturdy and holds up very well over a long period of time and frequent washing (which we recommend).

There are many more problems with the Forma than there are good points. First, there is no adjustment for the bridge of the nose. If you require the mask to be tighter to prevent leaks near the eyes and nose bridge, tightening it will put quite a bit of pressure on two stamp sized cushions that lay right above your eyebrows. This gets old quickly.

There is a problem with the lower two attachments as well. One side has a clip that is designed well, but the other side has a large slot on the top so you can slide the headgear in and out without problem. After awhile though, this plastic piece sags and the headgear slips out constantly making the mask unusable.

This is a difficult to fit leak machine! The silicone quality is high, but it is extremely rigid and shaped for a narrow face. If you don’t have a narrow face (how many sleep apnea patients do…..not many) then it is tough to fit. The mask is the only one that is meant to sit under the chin. This is a good idea because there is no pressure on the bottom teeth, but it doesn’t seal well at all and forces over-tightening. This in turn makes the headgear plastic piece on the bottom fail that much more.

One last piece of bad news about the Forma. There is no way to add oxygen if needed.

Our stance: Stay clear of the Forma unless you have tried everything else. It is most likely not a love connection.

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