Respironics FitLife: tn_FitLife_Respironics_Full_Face_CPAP_Mask_Picture

The Respironics FitLife is a difficult to describe Full Face Mask that really was supposed to be a niche mask, but it certainly has great properties to make it an every day mask.  This looks somewhat like a firefighters mask in that it basically covers the entire face. This sounds like it would cause the worst case of
claustrophobia ever, but it actually does quite the opposite. It is so large that the clear face of it doesn’t obstruct your view at all, so you get
the feeling you don’t have anything on your face.

This is also great for people who don’t want the feel of anything around face or have sensitive skin around their nose and eyes. All the pressure from this mask is spread around the hard bony parts of the “outer rim” of the face. This outer rim of the face is much more flat than around the nose, so it is much less likely to have leaking problems. We typically aren’t a fan of the Respironics silicone, but in the Respironics FitLife, it works beautifully. There is no removeable cushion, so if it tears, you’re out of luck.

The headgear is very easy to use with this mask as well. The velco seemed to break down very fast, but if you just use the clips like you should, the headgear will last a long time. Theheadgear is also slightly spongy and wide, so it is comfortable and spreads pressure from tightening the mask very well. The clips are large are should be easy for people with poor dexterity to manipulate.

What makes this mask special? It s a full face mask that minimized claustrophobic feelings. It works great on people with facial irregularities that would make all other masks hard to fit. It is also great for people with sores or nasal bridge breakdown, or for people who want to prevent this situations from the start. This is a sturdy and well built mask.

This mask is extremely easy to clean since there are no nooks and crannies. The only way to take off the top two straps is to remove the velcro, and this velcro breaks down quickly. This is our only real long term concern if you plan to remove the headgear when cleaning. Also…don’t sneeze while wearing it. One word: Gross.

Our stance: This is a great mask to try if you feel a Full Face Mask is right for you. Thumbs up.

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