Fisher Paykel Eson:

This is another mask that Fisher Paykel has put out that is fantastic. If you like the ResMed Mirage FX, then you will

Fisher Paykel Eson

Fisher Paykel Eson

absolutely love the Eson. The Eson is similar in style to the Mirage FX, but is better in every way.

The Eson is very light and is easily the quietest mask made. The diffuser is extremely efficient and well designed. There is a reinforced ridge the goes over the bridge of the nose that make leaks up into the eyes almost impossible. This ridge prevents the silicone from folding over on itself and creating paths for air to escape. The hose attachment is on a ball and socket joint making movements more forgiving (so the mask isn’t pulled away from the face.).

The headgear is also a strong point. It is soft and has three different places where you can adjust it to a custom fit. The top strap on the forehead almost doesn’t need to be tightened at all because leaks up into the eye are nearly nonexistant with the Eson. The clips for attaching the mask at the bottom are very easy to take off. Putting it back on is somewhat more difficult, but this is when you’re going to bed and awake.

One of the best things about the Eson is that it is cheap if you are a cash buyer. It has become the go to mask in my sleep lab because it is so easy to fit and leak free during night studies.

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