Circadiance Elan:

I really love the idea of the Circadiance Elan. The cloth SleepWeaver is a great idea that really works. My only gripe with it was that there is an attachment that goes from the top of the head to

SleepWeaver Elan

SleepWeaver Elan

attach right between the eyes. I thought that a perfect design would be to have a cloth mask that is more like one of my favorite masks, the ResMed Mirage Vista, but made of cloth.

The Elan is this mask. It’s a cloth version of the Vista. The headgear is very soft and sturdy. There is nothing in front of the eyes. It also sticks out far in front of the face just like the Vista.

The problem with the Elan is that it seems to need a different attachment to pull the mask in to the bridge of the nose. The top strap would have better leverage if it were closer to the eyes. Of course, then the complaint would be that it’s too close to the eyes. It just seems that this style of mask needs some rigidness around the bridge of the nose.

Why does it need these changes? Getting the Elan to be leak free around the bridge of the nose (and into the eyes) is somewhat difficult. Seems to be about a coin flip. The people that are able to achieve a leak free Elan absolutely love it. The problem is that getting this mask to be leak free is fairly hit and miss.

The nice thing about it is that there is a 30 day return policy, so all you are out is postage if you want to give it a try. I would say that the Elan is more for seasoned users of PAP therapy that don’t mind fussing around with mask fit. The Elan is extremely comfortable and quiet if you can achieve a leak free fit.

If you’re getting your first mask, you may be better off to skip the Elan for now.  If this is to be used as a second mask when you need some time apart from your beloved first, then this may be a winner.

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