Respironics EasyLife:

Respironics EasyLife

Respironics EasyLife

Seems the folks at Respironics have finally listened to all of our whining. Our main critiques with the EasyLife was resolved. This mask has now
become a contender.

This is one of two masks that literally suck…not in a bad way. This mask has a suction effect, “Auto Seal” that makes getting a great seal no problem. The cushion is in only one piece and moves around if you do so that there is minimal leaking. This makes the mask very easy to take apart if you want to deep clean it.

There is no adjustment for the bridge of the nose, but there really isn’t a need for one with this mask. The part of the mask that makes contact with your forehead is an odd looking horseshoe shape, but very effective at distributing pressure. Again though, there is no need to over tighten this mask since it will gentle suction on to your nose.

The exhalation port is quiet and diffuses the air very well. There is no port to add oxygen if needed.

The best improvement is that clips were added for the bottom two headgear attachments. This makes it possible to take the mask off without having to resize it every night. The top two attachments still have to have the velcro unattached to remove the headgear.

Our stance: One of the top three nasal masks and it is a great mask to start with. It is light and easy to seal. Recent improvements only make it better.

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