Comfort Gel Full

Respironics Comfort Gel Full:

Respironics Comfort Gel Full

Respironics Comfort Gel Full

The Respironics Comfort Gel Full mask is a fairly large full face mask. It is one of the heaviest masks on the market mainly because of the gel insert that is supposed to provide comfort and a good seal.

This mask does seal fairly well even if you over tighten it. The gel does seem to provide a level of comfort, but at a price. It is heavy, both in weight and it seems to bring on higher levels of condensation in the mask as it often gets “sweaty”, even under the same testing conditions.

There is an outer SST Flap that is a thin layer of silicone and is outside fo the gel insert. The SST Flap is what actually seals in the air pressure. This flap seems to tear easy, but it is replaceable. The inner gel insert loses its shape after a month or so and can break down quickly with normal use. If you like to clean your mask regularly, like we recommend, then it breaks down even faster.

The Comfort Gel Full is sturdy with the exception of the elbow adjustment for adjusting the pressure on the bridge of the nose. It is difficult to adjust when it’s on your face and has only 4 gross adjustments. It would be nice if it had more fine adjustments that could be made. The cushion that comes in contact with the forehead also seems flimsy and like it was an after-thought.

The headgear is nice on this mask. It’s easy to take off and put back on. For the lower two attachments there is a sort of ball and socket clip to attach the mask easily and remove it quickly. It is a nice design. To take off the upper attachments you have to remove the velcro which isn’t a big deal overall.

Our Stance: If you prefer a heavier mask that is tight on your face, you may like this. Otherwise most people don’t seem to like it that much.  It’s pretty much phased out at this point though some are still available.

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