Comfort Gel Blue

Respironics Comfort Gel Blue:

Respironics Comfort Gel

Respironics Comfort Gel

The Respironics Comfort Gel Blue mask makes several significant improvements over the Comfort Gel mask (yes…it’s different.)

The design is really just a typical nasal mask with nothing that really makes it unique or better than any of the other masks on the market.

What changed from the Comfort Gel? The gel itself if lighter and less prone to the “sweaty” feeling. It also seems to last longer with washing and wearing. The Comfort Gel Blue is lighter in weight. It still has the same outer membrane that seems to discolor quickly and can tear if you’re rough with it.

The elbow that adjusts the amount of pressure on the bridge of the nose is very cheap and poorly thought out still. There are on a handful of gross adjustments and no ability to fine tune. It is very difficult to adjust when the mask is on your face. The silicone that rests on your forehead doesn’t seem to distribute the pressure very well, though it isn’t terrible.

The headgear attachments are a mixed bag. You have to take off the velcro when removing the headgear on the upper attachments. The lower attachments use a very well designed ball and socket clip. This is easy to get in and out and has been redesigned from the original Comfort Gel.

Our stance: Descent mask, but there are several other masks you may want to try first. This mask is just average.

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