Respironics Amara:

The Respironics Amara is a mask that actually makes me angry to think about. Why would a mask make me angry you might ask? That is a long an twisted story….a story that I’d love to share.

First of all, Respironics hyped this mask like it was Boy Wonder skipping through an open meadow on it’s way to solve all the problems of the world. The opening line that the rep used in support of this mask is that it is going to replace the ResMed Quattro. (Hint: Get the ResMed Quattro instead of this piece of junk)

It does have some things going for it. To look at it….it is pretty. But so are a lot of other things that are pretty from a distance. It has very few parts. The “skeleton” is the same for all cushions, so you just need a new cushion instead of an entirely new mask. There…those are the positives.

Now the worst of the worst. On my forum after the Amara was released I received picture after picture of people with the bridge of their nose raw and bleeding after 1 or 2 days of use. I had yet to try it at this point. The lab got it patients started to complain that it hurt the bridge of their nose. Two night technicians that I work with complained that it hurt the bridge of their nose and caused sores to form despite having the forehead/bridge of nose spacer all the way extended. The rep was told of this little “people bleeding” problem and we were told we needed an in-service.

No sweat. Who can’t learn something from an in-service….right? We were told that over-tightening was the problem. When told that everyone had the top straps as loose as they would go with the spacer fully extended, the reply was that everyone was still doing it wrong because we are choosing the wrong size and still over-tightening. Ummmm…..can that many people be wrong about a product? I think not. On top of his we’re told that everybody just LOVES the Amara…..yet at conferences all I hear are horror stories about it splitting open the bridge of the nose.

We did find the culprit. The silicone cushion at the bridge of the nose is as unforgiving as a grandmother who knit you a sweater that you said is the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen. The cushion is extremely rigid where it needs to be the most giving and soft. It is not a good mask and I would never recommend trying it ever. Every version of this mask is complete poo.

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