RespCare/Devilbiss Aloha:

Devilbiss Aloha

Devilbiss Aloha

The RespCare (Devilbiss now?) Aloha is a nasal pillow mask that is well designed.

The nasal pillows are formed at an angle so that they insertinto your nose at a very natural angle. This angle also minimizes excessive contact with your nose and skin. It basically only makes contact with the nares.

The diffuser (where expired air is removed) is very quiet. It is located on the hose so that you can have the expired air “shoot” where it annoys you the least. The hose where the CPAP attaches is on a ball and socket connection so that your head movements are much less likely to dislodge the nasal pillows from your nose.

The head gear of the Aloha is also designed very well. First of all there is a ridgid backbone that shapes and encourages the head gear to cradle the head. This prevents it from sliding up during the night which is common with nasal pillow masks. It is very easy to adjust.

Another thing that I really like about the Aloha is that it comes with Micro Fleece (I think) covers for the straps that protect your cheeks. These are soft and comfortable and create a nice barrier between you and the typical neoprene straps. This will also minimize marks on your face in the morning. If you are going to use a Nasal Pillow Mask, the Aloha is definitely one that I would recommend trying first.

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