AirFit F20

ResMed AirFit F20

The ResMed AirFit F20 is a huge improvement over the AirFit F10 Full Face Mask.

AirFit F20

First is that the lower headgear straps attach using magnets. This makes it very easy to get the mask on and off. Another improvement is that the cushion is made of two different types of silicone plastic. The part that seals over the nose is made of a non-tacky material that tends to help prevent pressure sores and pulling of the skin. The lower three fourth of the mask is from the tackier material that is good for keeping seals even with movement. This combination seems to increase performance for both comfort and preventing leaks.

Something that you can’t really “see” is that the angle of the attachments for headgear is slightly different.  This makes getting a good seal even easier.  This is an excellent choice if you need a full face mask.

Want some more in depth information? Check out the video below.


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