Activa LT

ResMed Mirage Activa LT:

ResMed Mirage Micro

ResMed Mirage Micro

The ResMed Mirage Activa LT, or just Activa LT, is one of only two masks we know of that suck….literally. Not in a bad way, but they suck
on to your face.

The suction from the Activa LT is very gentle and greatly minimizes leaking. The cushion is made of ResMed’s high quality durable silicone.
The cushion has a sort of bladder that moves around when you do while you sleep almost like a shock absorber. What this accomplishes
is that it again…minimizes leaks greatly.

The forehead piece is very comfortable with silicone that is contoured to the forehead. There is a MicroFit dial that allows for fine adjustments to be made to change the pressure on the bridge of the nose. We actually feel this isn’t even needed on this mask because of the suction effect allows the headgear to be on very loose.

The headgear is wide, but thin. This doesn’t really seem to matter because, not to belabor the point, the mask doesn’t have to be that tight because of the suction effect. Clips on the bottom make removing the mask quickly a cinch. The velcro has to be removed to take off the top straps which can cause it to break down over time. The headgear isn’t “fuzzy” so it seems to perform better than most other velcro headgear interactions.

If you have problems with claustrophobia, this is not the mask for you. This is a pretty wide mask because the bladder of the cushion. If you hate a tight mask and have problems getting other masks to seal well, then this is perfect.

The exhalation port uses a diffuser making it very quite and there are oxygen imputs on the bottom if needed.

Our stance: This is a great high quality mask that is great for people who just want a easy to seal mask without having to tightened the headgear too much. Not great if you’re claustrophobic with a CPAP mask on. Overall, definitely worth a try.

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