SleepyHead Data Interpretation

I could type this all out, but the video is much faster and easier to follow. Please view the YouTube video to see how to download SleepyHead. It is the first step in being able to view the data (for free) from your data capable Philips Respironics System One machine, ResMed S9 machine, or your DeVilbiss Intellipap Machine.

The video below shows how to navigate through the SleepyHead program. Learn how to analyze specific waveforms while you are using PAP therapy. There is also some tips on how to determine whether or not those “Central Apneas” shown on your report are real or not. These machines and data aren’t perfect, but they do provide some very valuable information. Questions? Join the Forum below.

All good?  Probably you’ve still got some questions that are making you scratch your noggin.  The data isn’t perfect and it takes awhile before you’re used to taking in all the data and making sense of it.  Here are a couple more videos on some topics that may arise when looking at your SleepyHead data.  Good luck!


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